Youth Animator’s Program

Youth animators of the Archdiocese met at Jeevan Vikas Kendra Pethapur on 22nd September, 2018. Thirty animators and youth present for the meeting. The meeting began with a prayer led by Sr. Pushpa CCV and Youth of Nanakantharia.

Fr. Xavier James, the Archdiocesan Youth Director welcomed His Grace Archbishop Thomas Macwan, Fr. Teles Fernandes, newly appointed Vicar General, Youth animators and all the youth with words of gratitude and encouragement.

Archbishop Thomas Macwan congratulated Fr. Xavier James and all the participants for their contribution in spreading the Kingdom of God. In his address he said that youth are the backbone of the church. He requested all the youth to take active part in Church activities.

Fr. Teles Fernandes, vicar general of the Archdiocese was happy to be present for this programme.  He encouraged the youth. He said that we are here to learn good things from one another.

After the words of welcome and encouragement reports of youth activities of each deanery and parishes were read out.

Sohil and Ankita read the reports of sabarkantha and Aravalli deanery and Nanakantharia parish. Various religious and social activities are carried out by the youth.  Carrier guidance, preparation and guidance for the competitive exams, driving classes and family visits are organized for and by the youth. In month of November  around 65 youth of the deanery  will go for pilgrimage to Goa.

Sanjay shared the reports of Radhanpur parish. Youth are taking active part in all the religious activities. They render their helping hands for the major feasts of the Church.

Ruby read the reports of Bhiloda parish stating that Faith formation classes are conducted regularly. Youth are very active and lot can be done through them in the Church.

Abin of Uteshwari shared that the youth are involved in social activities such as helping the poor students, visit to the home for the aged and slums on regular basis.

Sr. Pushpa CCV shared her experience of Western Region Catholic Council meeting on youth in Goa last December. She said that our youth are full of energy and talents. To achieve the goal we need to struggle. She stressed on the unity among the youth.

Fr. Michale SJ  shared about the Magis program which were conducted at Bhiloda and Mandali.  He said that Youth are the future church.

Having shared the reports the participants were sent in their respective deanry to discuss the future programme in their deanery and  parishes.

The following programs were suggested.

  1. Youth Renewal programme
  2. Deanery youth gathering
  3. Sports
  4. Diocesan level spiritual renewal programme for the youth.
  5. Spending the time with under privileged.
  6. Networking among the youth.
  7. Allotment of one Sunday in a month for youth in the Archdiocesan level.

Before the closing of the meeting the names of the participants for the Western Region Youth programme at Netrang and National Youth conference at Delhi were finalized.

At the end of the meeting Archbishop Thomas Macwan congratulated Fr. Xavier James for organizing meeting.

Reported by Sr. Albina CCV