Women at Siddhpur

Shital Chhaya women’s cooperative society of Umru-Siddhpur which is run by 68 women of this vicinity has organized beautician course for women for their livelihood and 15 rural women come regularly for their classes at noon. They were also thrilled to participate in the tailoring class and they know to stitch their own clothes.

Nine rural women of Umru-Siddhpur got a great opportunity to go to Mandal for an exposure visit at Hangati Trust and learn many techniques on empowering women. This exposure programme was organized by SSSS-Archdiocesan social wing of the Archdiocese of Gandhinagar led by Fr. Salvador Fernandes, Mr. Vaibhav Macwan and Mr. Jafin Dund. The women were overwhelmed to interact with other women who have progressed so well in co-operative society and its many works.