The Report of Spoken English Course at Pethapur


The Spoken English Course was organized by Ghandhinagar Archdiocese from 2nd April to 25th April, 2018 for the students who have just completed their 10th and 12th Standard.  There were 80 students, 39 boys and 41 girls from 9 different Parishes.  The Course was inaugurated with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist by His Grace Archbishop Thomas Macwan. Entrance test was conducted to check their English on the previous day.  The students were divided into three classes according to their performance.  The three groups were named as Emmaus winners, Jerusalem warriors, Bethlehem superstar. There were seven staff members, 6 Brothers and 1 Sisters under the inspiring leadership of Fr. Xavier James, the co-coordinator of the programme.  Each class was taken care by 2 or 3 staff members who helped the students to gain more and more inputs in creative ways.

They had 5 classes per day for learning Basic English grammar. Besides learning English, the students devotionally participated in all the liturgical celebrations. They began the day with the Morning Prayer and the Holy Eucharist.  Every evening they had singing practice, followed by recitation of the Holy Rosary. Every day one class was assigned for the faith formation, also bible classes in the afternoon, where in they gained some knowledge about the Holy Bible, Sacraments; Eucharist etc, which would help them in the long run to live their Christian values. Along with Fr. Xavier James, Fr.valy, Deacon Suresh and Br. Royden took faith formation class. Srs. Manisha, Mangula, Fr. Kingslin and brothers shared about their vocation and inspired the students.

In the evenings, the students had creative classes during which, they practiced in a creative way of learning and expressing in the form of skit and action song, which they were taught by their respective class leaders.  Whatever they did in the creative classes were performed in the cultural program which was held every alternative evening.  Cultural program was a good opportunity for each and every student to express himself or herself on the stage without fear.  It also helped them to develop their confidence in learning and expressing in English.

To create interest for the language some appropriate movies and to instill Christian values some biblical movies were shown to them.  EverySunday, weekend test was taken to check the progress of the students.  The evening time was allotted for sports and games.  On 15th April they had an outing where the students relaxed and enjoyed their togetherness with one another.  An atmosphere was created in the course of time, for the students to speak only in English even the medium of language for prayers, Holy Eucharist and cultural program was English. The students were encouraged by the Fathers, Brothers and Sister to communicate only in English.  The course was fruitful.  It was obvious that the students who really worked hard, made a lot of effort to speak in English.  The course came into the conclusion with a celebration of the Holy Eucharist and a colorful cultural evening which were witnessed by the His Grace Archbishop Thomas, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers and the students themselves. The Eucharist and the program were well prepared with the help of Brothers and Sisters.  Everyone who was present enjoyed the program and appreciated the children for their wonderful performance. On 25th morning after the Holy Eucharist and breakfast the students left JVK in tears because they had a very good bond with each other.

Bro. Anil D`Souza