St. Joseph’s Feast at Siddhpur Parish

The solemnity of St. Joseph brought together the Faithful and the Pastor of Siddhpur parish community in the evening to celebrate the solemn feast of St. Joseph. It was with a sense of gratitude each head of the family offered a flower before the image of St. Joseph for protecting his family and to beseech the blessing of the Lord through the intercession of St. Joseph each one lighted the lamp before commencing the Holy Eucharist. People in Siddhpur have special devotion to St. Joseph. It is through the intercession of St. Joseph three of them got good life partners and made good families. Definitely, the prayers of the community assisted a lot. In the homily the community reflected on the words of St. John XXIII namely obedience, silence, acceptance and speaking less with modesty when the need arises as St. Joseph was. After the Eucharist cake was cut by all the husbands and was shared by all. It was indeed a meaningful celebration for the community.