Report on Youth Training programme

On 11th July 2015, 90 youth along with few priests and sisters from various parishes gathered together at Pethapur to give the report of the youth activities of their respective parishes and deaneries and to plan the activities for the new academic year. The Youth were informed about the CAP India programme of CBCI to train the Catholic youth for public services. They were also informed about Western Region Training programmes to be held in the month of August. Many Youth liked the planning of activities for the coming year and participated in the discussion whole heartedly. The Archbishop insisted that one should be ready to train oneself and this has to come from within.
The second stage was about the spiritual enrichment of the youth. Fr. K P Vincent delivered a sermon on forgiveness and inner healing. He led the Eucharistic adoration and prayed over each one present by anointing them with the Holy Cross. Some felt that Fr. K P Vincent helped themto experience God’s love and peace though adoration. He also helped them to understand the difference between pleasure and Joy.

On 12th July, the day began with the Holy Eucharist presided over by our Apostolic Administrator Archbishop Stanislaus Fernandes and concelebrated by 10 priests. At the morning session, Prof. Rosily Victor enthused the youth with her unique technique. Madam Rosily helped the youth to discover their hidden talents and move ahead in life. She enlightened the youth on how they can be brave and overcome fears in life.

Mr. Rajul Azad, the trainer of IAS, IPS was very genuine in his session. Without any reluctance, he exposed the modern youth and guided them on how to move on in life and become more successful, instead of cheating oneself and their parents. Many agreed that Rajul sir helped the youth to identify useful careers and be successful in life. He also encouraged them to get into government jobs and gave practical tips on the same. He not only counseled them but also guided them in choosing their Career. He prepared them for government examination. Some felt that they were now ready to choose their career and want to proceed in that direction. They were glad about the assurance he gave to help them even in the future. Few felt that he helped them to change their idea about life. He gave them a lot of information about UPSC and GPSC examinations.

Over all, some noticed that the youth response was better than before and the number spoke for that. The presentations of various reports were good and encouraging. Some felt that relevant talks were arranged. It was very interesting. Many learnt a lot from the seminar and had a good experience. Many believed that faith and life were emphasized in the seminar. Some stated that their faith had increased and they were clear about their goal in life. All appreciated the food and staying facilities at JVK, Pethapur. (By Fr. Xavier James)

Please note: Following are the upcoming events.
1st & 2nd August – Leadership Training Programme In Mumbai for Western Region Level.
24th – 27th September – Preparation for Talati exam at Pethapur for the Archdiocesan Youth who have applied and submitted their forms for the same. Rajulbhai Azad’s team will assist us.
20th – 22nd November – Gujarat Youth Convention at Gamdi, Anand and more participants are welcome.