Patan, Blessed Theresa of Kolkota

Historically, Patan was the capital of Gujarat. Today Patan is district headquarters and the seat of North Gujarat University. Around 1960 a community of lay missionary Sisters worked on a short-lived health project in Patan. The more recent history of Patan Mission began in the year 1984, when Rt. Rev. Charles Gomes, Bishop of Ahmedabad diocese, bought the present land with a view to extend the work of evangelization to Patan.

The villages of Patan taluka were also home to relatives of Catholics in neighbouring Mehsana district. From 1986, Fr. George Kodithottam, SJ, began contacting these relatives of Mehsana Catholics. In 1997, a resident priest was appointed to Patan. In 2000 a small boarding with 30 boys was begun. In the meantime, the Daughters of the Cross bought a plot of land close to the present mission property. From 2001 two Sisters started staying in Patan. These were the small beginnings of the Patan mission in the past two decades. In the year 2010, Patan mission was entrusted to the care of diocesan clergy who are continuing the contacts with people of the Thakor, Darbar, Raval and other marginalised communities in about 12 villages. After more than a decde of activity in the villages, the Congregation of the Daughters of the Cross have experienced difficulties in continuing their apostolate in Patan and have closed their community in 2013.

The parish currently has about 50 members.

Catholic Ashram
Post Box 3
Dungariparu, Patan-Unjha Road
Patan 384 265
(02766) 292771
Parish Priest: Fr. Hemant Macwan
Community: Bro. Abhay Tirkey (Regency)

1. Boys Hostel
(02766) 224687