Nana Kantharia, Child Jesus Church

Catholic Church, Nana Kantharia, Gujarat

Nana Kantharia mission is situated in the Northern part of Gujarat bordering on Rajasthan State. The area is hilly and covers the lower ranges of the Aravalli Hills. The majority of the people are Dungari Gerasia Adivasis. Fr. Lluis Espasa,SJ, the first Catholic Missionary to Sabarkantha, and SMMI Sisters were visiting this area from the mid-sixties. For a time, Fr. Espasa stayed on a hill-top overlooking the Meshwo river at Ansol village. With the establishment of Nana Kantharia parish in 1974, Fr. Ignace Ordonez became the first Parish Priest. In that same year the Sisters of the Society of Christ Jesus came to establish their community in this area. They started a Dispensary in Lusadia and also had mobile dispensary in the surrounding villages. In 1986, the Lusadiya Education Society took over the High School which was run by another Trust. A Diocesan Priest was a member of the school teaching staff. In 1994 the Jesuit Fathers handed over this mission to the Diocesan Clergy. In 2001, the Christ Jesus Sisters handed over their Convent, dispensary and girl’s boarding to the Carmelites of Charity of Vedruna, who had accepted the invitation of the Bishop of Ahmedabad to work in the Nana Kantharia mission. The parish currently has about 2175 members.

Catholic Ashram
Nana Kantharia, Lusadia P.O.
Sabarkantha Dt. 383 251
(02771) 286630
Parish Priest: Fr. Jayaraj V.
Fr. Mathew Parapuram (Asst. PP, Principal)
Fr. Shantilal Ninama (Asst. PP, Teacher in School)

Weekly Mass: 06 villages
Monthly Mass: 13 villages

Religious House
Jyotighar Convent
(02771) 286656

Lusadia High School
(02771) 286652

1. Saccidanand Boys’ Hostel
(02771) 286630
2. Jyotighar Kanya Chatralay
(02771) 286656