Mandali, St. Francis Xavier

St Xaviers Mandali

The Parish of Mehsana had a sub-center popularly known as the ‘Kendra’ for catechetical instruction and faith formation of the people of Mandali. Mandali is a village between Kalol and Mehsana towns. Soon after the appointment as Bishop of Ahmedabad, Bishop Stanislaus Fernandes, SJ visited Mandali and surrounding villages Fr. M. Diaz Garriz, SJ. They visioned that Mandali could grow into a mission center with pastoral, educational and socio-developmental facilities. Over the years, the number of Catholics in Mandali and some villages around it has grown. A Jesuit Trust was formed in 2001 and St. Xavier’s High School was established in 2001. Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima (Pune) agreed to render their services for the growth of Mandali ‘Kendra.’ The Fatima Sisters arrived in 2004. By 2008, Mandali was established as a separate parish with the residences of Jesuit fathers and Fatima sisters on the campus. Now Mandali mission is vibrant with pastoral activities and social welfare programs. Separate hostels for boys and girls have boosted the educational aspirations of the children and youths of the surrounding villages.

In 2008 Xavier Institute of Technology (XIT) under the late Fr. Mathew Kochupura as the director was established at Mt. Carmel school premises in Mehsana with two computer related courses. In June 2010 XIT was shifted to the new building of St. Xavier’s School, Mehsana. Meanwhile property was brought at Linch for XIT. Classes started at Linch site from August 2012. The new XIT hostel building was blessed on 15th July 2013. Now XIT has classes in Solar technology, Fitter and the other computer related courses conducted earlier. Fr. Mathew Muthuplackal (of Patna Jesuit Province) is the new Director of XIT.

The community has about 1500 members.

Xavier Ashram
Post Ambaliyasan
Mehsana Dt. 382 732
(02762) 260312
Parish Priest: Rajendra Vedamuthu SJ
Fr. Kurikkattil Cosmos (Superior & Principal),
Fr. Diaz Garriz Manuel (Asst.PP)
Fr. Muthuplackal Mathew (Director XIT, Asst. PP)

Weekly Mass: Harjipura & Kendra
Monthly Mass: Mudarda, Rantej, Amipura, Madupura,
Balyasan, Pratapjipura, Jawanjipura,
Malajipura & Dhanali

Religious Houses
1. Xavier Residence
(02762) 260312
2. Fatima Convent
(02762) 260314

1. St. Xavier’s School
(02762) 260313

1. Xavier Institute of Technology
(Community College), Post. Linch
Dist. Mehsana-384435
Phone-02762 281010
2. Loyola Boys’ Hostel
3. Fatima Balica Ashram Boarding for Girls
(02762) 260314