Integral Developmental Activities of Unteshwari Maria Mata Mandir


• Pitching the tent & Living in the midst of the people
• Daily family visits at Unteshwari & pray with them at the end
• Regular village visits of Isupanthis & catechumens – four times a week
• Service of Family counseling at their door steps & at the centre
• Daily Eucharistic celebration at the Mandir, occasional Eucharistic celebration in the villages
• Regular Sunday Eucharistic service for the aged and mentally challenged persons at Sandhya Vishram chapel
• As per the need, request and the requirement other Sacraments and sacramental services are offered
• Participation in the Marian devotions – on Wednesday’s novena, Saturday’s Rosary cum Bhajan mandali, Monthly Poonam Yatra, Navratri celebrations and the Annual Melo on the 8th day of the Gujarati month “Aso”
• Regular monthly Faith formation programme for men (every poonam evening) and women (on every 1st Saturday morning)
• Occasional special Faith formative programmes are arranged before any feasts or receiving of any sacraments.
• Inter-parish Lenten programmes (retreats) are arranged for all age groups at various centers.
• Occasional faith formative trips to other mission centers, especially on feasts and other sacramental celebrations
• The clergy and laity are constantly and continually formed mutually in the area of inculturation.


• Assisting in food items, shelter and clothing, and accompanying all kinds of poor, orphans, widows, senior citizens, disabled persons are part of our daily gospel living. A witnessing WAY of our religious life in the midst of anti-cultural and anti-religious movements!
• An on-going women and youth empowerment training programmes are well attended.
• Emergency projects are met as part of empathizing factor: Drought relief, Flood relief and Riot relief, etc. Here the approach followed is more of participatory than charity!
• A support system (financially and technically) is provided to the Isupanthis, especially for agriculture and income generating projects. A process is begun to make them self-reliant!
• Similarly the physically disabled adolescents and adults are assisted for income generating projects, as a way to make them differently-abled!
• Initial financial and technical assistance, and job placement services are rendered to our capable youth
• Active participation in the capacity building training programmes of civil authorities at our centre.


• Greater care is taken in the Balmandir education. 250 children are attended to through 11 sub-centres.
• An on-going accompaniment of the Parish children’s regular and technical education at Kalol and elsewhere are keenly followed.
• Clever students are encouraged to go for higher education. Others are motivated to go for vocational training courses.
• Those students who show interest on religious vocation are shown proper path to join as per their interest.
• The programme of Integrated Education for Disabled Children (IEDC) in Kadi taluka is a ray of hope to the students, parents and teachers of Kadi taluka. Today they value such special educational intervention with 416 mild and moderate special children and their parents in the midst of other normal children and their parents!
• Disabled children are educationally supported and for their movements aids and appliances are provided.
• The Mentally Retarded persons of all categories are specially edu-cared by the trained staff of our respective institutions.


• From womb to tomb we compassionately accompany the sick – be it fetus, new born child, children, young and old.
• We sincerely cooperate and collaborate as men of good will with other men of good will like doctors, nurses, medical staff and pharmacy company staff.
• Commitment to the sick person brings solace in spite of such suffering situations.
• Our First-Aid centre at Unteshwari, Dispensary at Sandhya Vishram and the Village Mobile Unit aim at participating in the healing ministry of Jesus.


• We aim at giving life and sharing life in the midst of agriculturists and agricultural labourers.
• We promote high eco-friendly culture within and outside our campus. We promote “Green Unteshwari” projects.