Nativity of Our Lady in Siddhpur parish

As the preparation for the feast of the nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary, Siddhpur parishioners had the Holy Rosary, Novena and Holy Eucharist in different homes as well as in the Church. As we are in the year of Mercy, themes for different days were based on how Mary experienced and communicated God’s Mercy and how we as her devotees could also experience and share God’s Mercy with all who come in contact with us. Prior to that His Grace Archbishop Thomas celebrated the Holy Eucharist for the people and the faithful were so glad to meet him. On 8th September 2016, all had gathered to recite the Holy Rosary and participate in the Holy Eucharist. As we celebrate the girl child day, the sermon was on protecting and promoting the girl children. After the Benediction the girls cut cake and all shared in the fellowship meal.