Sisters of Charity of St. Ann

The Congregation of Sisters of Charity of St. Anne, the first Religious Congregation of active life in Spain, was born on 28th December 1804, in the Hospital of Our Lady of Grace of Zaragoza.

Founder: Mother Maria Rafols and Fr. John Bonal.
Provincial: Sr. Lucy Joseph, S.Ch.S.A.
“Sneh Shanti” Provincial House
Plot No. 57, Opp. Harshiddh Farm
Sewasi Post, Vadodara – 391 101
(0265) 2370465/2371135


This house was started in 1980, when Rev. Fr. Thomas Kolady, SJ was Parish Priest of Deesa mission. At that time the main activity of the Sisters was visiting villages and teaching Catechism. In the following year they started a boarding for girls and boys. As they did not have their own building in the beginning, they collaborated in running the boarding for girls and boys at Catholic Ashram, Deesa. All the children attended the municipality school near the Railway Station. Meanwhile the Sisters constructed their building in their own plot of land and began the Primary Section, whereas the Parish took care of the higher classes. Gradually both schools developed into full-fledged institutions. The Sisters also run a Hotel for girl students on the convent campus at Deesa mission.
House started: 1980
(02744) 220602
Sneha Chaya
St. Anne’s School
Sisters of Charity of St. Anne
Deesa – 385 535
Banaskantha District

Community: Sr.Nila Bhatia (Superior)
Sr.Lucy Columban Dabhi (Principal)
Sr.Iluminita (teacher)
Sr.Nayana Peter (Teacher)
Sr.Kalavati R Gamit (Administrator)
Sr.Kalavati S Macwan (Teacher)

Apostolates: Pastoral, Education: K.G., Primary, High School and Higher Secondary Schools in Gujarati and English medium and Grils’ Hostel, social developmental programs and projects


The house was started on 5th May 1970. A group of four Sisters under the guidance of Sr. Mathilda began their work from a small rented house in the market area. With their regular visits to the poor and marginalised they won the confidence and the hearts of the people. Within a few months they began the hostel for girls. After staying for a year in the rented house, the Sisters shifted to the newly constructed house from where they ran the hostel for girls. Today they also run full fledged Gujarati and English medium Higher Secondary Schools
House started: 1980
(02764) 224465
Pilar Convent,
Highway Road,
Kalol-382 721
Gandhinagar District

Community: Sr. Madhu Macwan (Superior)
Sr. Pushpa Mohan (Scocio-Pastoral)
Sr. Anandi Joseph (Hostel In-charge)
Sr. Minaxi Daud (Administration)
Sr. Sissy Scaria (Principal, Eng.Med)
Sr. Shiny Thomas (Teacher)
Sr. Meena C. Parmar (Principal, Guj.Med)
Sr. Alka R. Parmar (Administration)
Sr. Kiran H. Parmar (Teacher)
Sr. Binita B. Ninama (Teacher)

Apostolates: Pastoral, Education: School and Grils’ Hostel


On 21st April 1983, St. Anne’s Sisters accepted to serve Vijaynagar Mision under the leadership of Sr. Begona, the Provincial. Three Sisters arrived in the mission and were welcomed by Frs. Larumbe and Peter D’Souza, along with the catechists and boarding boys. The new community was convinced of its mission within the spirit of their charism of universal charity, chiefly to the neediest people of this area. The immediate aim was to start a hostel for tribal girls and run a dispensary. According to the needs of the people, their programme of evangelization includes education of the girl child, community health, socio-development projects for the empowerment of women, faith formation and other pastoral activities.

House started: 21 April 1983
(02775) 254260
Pilar Convent
Sabarkantha 383 460

Community: Sr. Mary Simon (Superior, villages)
Sr. Desnevis (Dispensary)
Sr. Tarulatha Patelia (Teacher)
Sr. Sabina Cyril (Hostel in-charge)

Apostolates: Pastoral, Education: hostel; Health: dispensary and social work


This Home for the Aged has been aptly named Sandhya Vishram. This community was established in 1994. It is a centre where the St. Anne’s Sisters take care of the elderly, aged and those who cannot be cared for by their children and relatives. This house is open to both men and women, regardless of their caste or religion. Sisters of this community help in the Parish apostolate and social action programs. There are currently 40 inmates.
House started: 1 January, 1994
(02764) 277864
Sandhya Vishram (Home of the Aged)
P. Box 15, Irana Road
KADI – Mehsana Dt. 382 715

Community: Sr. Anaclet Saroja (Superior, nurse)
Sr. Karuna (Nurse)
Sr. Agnes Hugo (Nurse)
Sr. Antony Mary (Social work)

Apostolate: Socio- Pastoral: Home for the Aged & Dispensary


This house was opened in order to cater to the physical, educational and spiritual needs of the the grown up – (above 14 years) boys and girls who are mentally challenged. Many of them come from the Childrens’ home (Madhurya Bhuvan) at Bapunagar in Ahmedabad diocese. When the house was started there were 18 girls. Thorough the years, the number of inmates, girls and boys, has grown.
House started: 5th June 2000
(02764) 277300
Madhurya Bhuvan
Post Box No. 14, Irana Road
Mehsana Dt. 382 715

Community: Sr. Kanta Rathod (Superior)
Sr. Elsa Rodrigues (Superintendent)
Sr. Rosily Raphael
Sr. Sunita Kanti
Sr. Rajashree
Sr. Albina Dodiyar (Hostel in-charge)

Apostolates: Education and service to the Differently abled (Mentally Challenged) children.