Daughters of the Cross

The Daughters of the Cross will never separate the love of God from the love of people. They are an international group of Roman Catholic women who have been called to understand and proclaim to others that the love of God has been revealed to us in the most striking way: The Passion and Death of Jesus.The title that Blessed Marie Thérèse gave to her Congregation is significant. She had thought about it for a long time and from the contemplation of the passion and compassion of the Crucified Christ she learnt a tender, generous love which led her to follow Him to the end, faithful to the Holy Spirit and alert to His call. It summed up all she understood of the dual ideal of sacrifice and service which is at the very heart of Christianity. Our Lord also reminded her that there was a another dimension to devotion to his Cross – it was a pledge of victory over death. By it Jesus had brought about our Redemption. Its meaning is more apparent in the French, “Filles de la Croix” for it means “servants” as well as “daughters”.

Provincial: Sr. Valarie Miranda
St. Joseph’s Convent
64/A Hill Road
Bandra, Mumbai – 400 050
(022) 26443706


In 1976, Bishop Charles Gomes requested our Congregation to start a mission in Radhanpur, mainly to work with Majiranas who were refugees from Pakistan. On July 3, 1984 two Sisters started living in a village named Kuntasari. Like any other new mission, we too had our crosses and were compelled to close down for some time. The mission of Radhanpur is a challenging one. We now work with Majiranas, Thakors, Dalits and other backward communities who are oppressed and marginalized. Radhanpur is a drought-prone area with saline soil. Here people have not yet realized the value of education especially of the girls.

Their vision is: “we the Daughters of the Cross, having experienced God’s tender love want to bring holistic development of the Majiranas, Thakors and Harijans of the villages.” The main aim of Karuna Niketan is to work for the upliftment of the marginalized and oppressed sections of society, especially the girl child and women, for their economic, social, health and educational welfare, and thereby give them an opportunity to integrate themselves in the mainstream of society. This will instill in them a sense of dignity and self sufficiency.

House started: 3rd July 1984
(02746) 277237
Karuna Niketan
P.B. No. 11, Radhanpur – 385 340
Dt. Patan

Community: Sr. Lucy (Superior)
Teacher:  Sr. Madhu Chauhan
 Sr. Deepa 

Apostolates: Boarding, Catechism for children, ECSG (TREAD) Project – 71 SHGs,
DBDP Project, IGSSS Project and Individual Health Care (IHC) and health work


The Daughters of the Cross after their establishment in Radhanpur felt the need of another supporting community in the region. Bishop S. Fernandes of Ahmedabad proposed to them the yet to be started mission of Patan. The Sisters bought a plot of land a little away from the Catholic Church property. In June 2003, the Daughters of the Cross established their independent community with Sr. Celine Pereira as Superior. With two more Sisters, a community of three that included one nurse and two social workers was formed. The Sisters ran a small dispensary from their Convent and had a mobile unit. In 2004 a boarding for primary school girls from the villages was started. As there was a lack of response, the sisters withdrew from this mission in July 2013. The property is in the care of the Archdiocese under the Parish Priest of Patan.

House started: 13 July 2000
(02766) 292418
Seva Sadan
Post Box No. 32
Patan Dt. 384 265
House Closed: July 2013