Carmelite Sisters of Charity (Vedruna)

The Congregation of Carmelite Sisters of Charity–Vedruna was born in Vic (Spain) on February 26, 1826 through the initiative of an extraordinary woman, Joaquina de Vedruna y de Mas (1783-1854). That first community is alive today in more than 2000 sisters “of every race and nation” (Rev. 7,9) present in diverse countries of Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Though different in this rich diversity, the following of Jesus and the experience of the Charism of Joaquina de Vedruna unites them in profound communion. Their fidelity to this two-fold commitment leads them to be open to the Spirit and alert to the calls we receive through history so as “to undertake all that He wants in every new situation”, “with strong and decisive spirit” like their Foundress.
Founder: St. Joaquina de Vedruna
Provincial: Sr. Carmen Borges CCV
Vedruna Training Center
Mahakali Caves Road, Chakkala,
M.I.D.C. Post, Andheri (E)
MUMBAI 400 093
(022) 26875313


In 1998 the Carmelite Sisters of Charity came to Gandhinagar. The main apostolate is in the field of education in St. Xavier’s School (UKG, LKG and Primary sections) in collaboration with the Jesuits. Sisters help in Parish activities especially in youth ministry.
Established: 1998
(079) 23233088
Xavier Niketan (Vedruna Sisters)
380/B/1, Sector 8
Gandhinagar 382 008

Community: Sr. Josephine Thannipara (Superior)
Sr. Fatima Lopes
Sr. Neeta Paul
Apostolates: Education (teaching) and Pastoral


Shanti Deep is a house started by the Carmelite Sisters of Charity on the 4th of August 1981. The Sisters came to Meghraj with the aim of beginning a boarding for Adivasi girls, run a dispensary and do developmental and pastoral work in the villages. The three sisters that first came to Meghraj had no place to live and they were sheltered in the Parish house. Slowly they began visiting the villages and collected about 8 girls to begin the boarding. They bought a plot of land across the road and built a temporary shed while at the same time the building work of the residence took shape. The frequent village visits and the contact with people forged a close relationship with the Sisters, having an impact on the girls who felt happy to stay with the Sisters and study in the Meghraj town school. The good work of the Sisters took fruit and the girls increased from 8 to 15. The new house of the Sisters was ready and slowly the number of girls increased.

In the year 1987 the Jesuit Fathers began the St. Xavier’s Parish School. Sisters began to teach in the school which brought more girls to the boarding. At present there are 150 girls with the Sisters. Health care through the mobile clinic reached villages and increased the contact with the Sisters. The developmental work led the women to become leaders of their groups. With motivation from the Sisters they began to save their own money and deposit it in the bank. Today these women have formed Self Help Groups availing of Government loans and schemes.
Established: 4th August 1981
(02773) 244426
Shanti Deep
Meghraj P.O.
Sabarkantha Dt. 383 350

Community: Sr. Chinnamma Paul (Superior)
Sr. Annapaul Pamlayil (Education & Pastoral)
Sr. Edwina D. (Health care)
Sr. Parul P. Parmar (Teaching)
Sr.  Christina (Sunita) Kanubhai. (Socio-pastoral)
Sr. Neel Kusum Toppo (Teaching)
Sr. Gulab Patil (Boarding in-charge)
Sr. Sincy Sebastian (Teaching)

Apostolates: Pastoral, Social, Health care & Hostel for Girls
Social Center, Dispensary/Mobile Dispensary


The Carmelite Sisters of Charity opened their community at the invitation of the Bishop of Ahmedabad. They found a property on the outskirts of Modasa town adjoining Sarvodaya Nagar, a colony of migrant labourers. The main purpose of the coming of the Sisters was to have a hostel for college-going girls and to run some professional job-oriented courses for them. But being neighbours to needy people, the Sisters got involved in their educational and health requirements. The Sisters also visited and established Self Help Groups in nearby villages that had been in touch with ‘Sangath’.
House started: 1998
(02774) 241325
(02774) 240982 – Hostel
Vedruna Bhavan
Nr. Saralat Vas
Dungri, Modasa
Sabarkantha Dt. 383 315

Community: Sr. Biji Jacob (Superior)
Sr. Annamma Mailady
Sr. Celine Paul
Sr. Mary Cyriac
Sr. Elekutty
Sr. Anita D’Silva

Apostolates: Pastoral, Educatin, Social-Welfare schemes. Spoken English and Computer coaching classes. Nursing assistance course, Balwadi program. Tuition classes for the slum children.

JYOTIGHAR, Nana Kantharia

When the Sisters of the Society of Christ Jesus informed Bishop S. Fernandes of Ahmedabad of their decesion to leave the mission of Nana Kantharia, the Bishop offered the CCV to continue the Jyotidhar Center. On 22nd April 2001, on the Silver Jubilee Day of Jyotighar foundation, the Provincial Superior of the Missionary Sisters of Christ Jesus, handed over their Mission of Nana Kantharia, Jyotighar Community to the Congregation of Carmelite Sisters of Charity, Vedruna. On 21st May 2001, five sisters of the order arrived in Nana Kantharia, the established Mission. They had to quickly adjust to the new place and the people.

The main apostolates of the Sisters are Education, Health care, Socio-pastoral work and other concerns of the church. The dispensary by the sisters attends to 40 to 50 patients everyday. Sisters are actively involved in the faith formation and other activities of the parish, while running a hostel for Adivasi girls.
House started: 21 May 2001
Lusadia P.O.
Nana Kantharia,
Sabarkantha- 383 251

Community: Sr. Joycee Athaide (Superior)
Sr. Eliya Thekkiniyath
Sr. Jacintha
Sr. Margaret John
Sr. Pushpa Francis
Sr. Rita Antony

Apostolates: Pastoral, Education, Health care. Social and developmental projects
Needle and tailoring, Balwadi programs