Holy Week in Siddhpur parish

With due preparation, the Holy Week commenced with blessing of the palms. The parishioners gathered together in a small room and began the procession holding blessed palms which signify the victory of our Lord. The faithful not only reflected on the sufferings of Jesus but also human sufferings. On Maundy Thursday, the faithful reflected on the priesthood, Eucharist and the commandment of love which is knit together in the life of any follower of Christ. After that, the celebrant washed the feet of the faithful. Then the couples in the parish were asked to wash each other’s feet which was really a sweet and touching experience.

After the Eucharist, the Eucharistic procession and adoration was held in vernacular languages with much spontaneity. On Good Friday, the celebration of the passion of our Lord took place at 3 pm. The faithful reflected on the lessons learnt from the Cross and how one must actualize them by doing their best till the last moment. Thereafter the whole congregation travelled together to the new building site at Umru village and participated in the Stations of the Cross. During Easter Vigil, the faithful reflected upon the gifts of the feast of resurrection i.e. peace, fearlessness and detachment which will help to recognize the Risen Lord. The whole congregation took part in a rather long celebration with much devotion and gusto. On Easter Sunday all the Catholic homes were blessed by the Parish Priest and all the parishioners together with their neighbours had gathered for Easter lunch at Shaji sir’s home. It was truly a blessed week. May the peace of the Risen Lord reign in our hearts.