Christmas celebrations in Siddhpur parish


On 20th December 2016, A group of Siddhpur parishioners with carols and Santa went around Siddhpur town singing and giving sweets at the homes of Catholics, Protestants and Hindus and giving the message of the birth of our Lord Jesus. It was a joy that all the families were involved in it and huge children band gathered each home. On 24th at 11 pm, people gathered for confessions and to begin the midnight mass of the Nativity of our Lord. Along with the Catholic faithful few Protestant and Hindu brothers and sisters had gathered for the Eucharist. At the beginning of the mass all participated in lighting of the lamp and during the offertory all brought forth lighted candles and said a short prayer and left them before the altar. Fr. Xavier James had explained Significance of Christmas to them. After the mass, all gathered for cake and coffee. The Hindus expressed that for the first time they have taken part in the Eucharist and they were so glad to be part of it.

On 25th noon all the parishioners and well wishers had gathered for a festive lunch and games for the children and couples. The parish honoured the well wishers and the Post Master of the village. At 3 pm, parents of St. Xavier’s School along with their kids gathered for the Christmas celebration. Many people and children from Umru village had gathered for the same. After Carols singing and Christmas message, the Santa gave sweets and gifts for everyone. Thereafter each one was given refreshments and they all left with joyful memory. Christmas mood and look was brought by the decoration, illumination, Christmas Stars, Crib and tree which were prepared by the parishioners along with brothers Packiaraj and Stephen who came to the parish for their Christmas ministry. (Xavier James)