Christmas at Our Lady of Lourdes, Umru-Siddhpur

The solemn feast of the Nativity of our Lord was celebrated at Siddhpur parish on 24th December 2018. The parishioners had made very good confession prior to the Holy Eucharist. His Grace Archbishop Thomas Macwan, Metropolitan Archbishop of Gandhinagar presided over the solemn pontifical high mass at 11.45pm and all sang the Gloria at 12am. After the Holy Eucharist, all gathered to share cake and coffee. Everyone exchanged gifts with their secret Christmas friend. Archbishop was very glad with the whole celebration mood. On 25th morning His Grace Archbishop celebrated mass for Bros. Donald and Sugesh. At noon, all the parishioners had gathered for Christmas lunch and games. At 3 pm women, children from Umru village and school kids, teachers, parents of St. Xavier’s school had gathered for Christmas celebrations. Christmas carols were sung and snacks and sweets were shared. Santa amused the gathering with his dance and gave away chocolates and gifts to all. This year we expected 100 and 300 people had turned out for the celebration. It was an opportunity to catechize the people. All Glory to God. Our brothers Donald, Sugesh along with Mr. Philip Fernandes did a great work for the whole celebration. (Xavier James)