Celebration of the “Year of Faith”

Archdiocese of Gandhinagar celebrated the closing of the Year of faith on 14th November 2013. Around 900 faithful with their fathers and sisters gathered to celebrate this grace and joy filled event at Mount Carmel School, Gandhinagar.

The celebration began at 9.30 with the procession. The BIBLE – Word of the Living God was taken in procession with Prayer dance and then it was enthroned on the stage. Archbishop Stanislaus Fernandes gave the inaugural address where he stressed ‘Faith’ is a celebration of life and the life is to witness that faith.

Deanery representatives shared the important events and activities that were organized during the year of faith. All four deanery representatives also gave witness to their faith experiences. These sharings were very touching the hearts of the people. Fr. Paresh from Ahmedabad diocese explained what faith is and how to witness that faith in our day today life. The youth of Vijanagar staged a drama how the missionaries showed the seeds of faith in their lives.

The celebration was concluded with Holy Eucharist was celebrated by His grace Archbishop Stanislaus Fernandes with the priests of the Archdiocese. At the time of recitation of apostolic creed the youth of Gandhinagar parish enacted the creed which was very meaningful. A prayer of oath was taken after the Eucharistic celebration and then same prayer was given to all the participants to recite at home during the family prayer to continue the celebration of ‘Faith’. The celebration was indeed very enriching and challenging to each one how one has to live his/her faith in their daily life.