Blessing of St. Xavier’s School building, Marriage and Confirmation at Siddhpur

On 12th January 2015, His Grace Archbishop Stanislaus Fernandes blessed the new building for St. Xavier’s School at Umru-Siddhpur in the presence of 20 priests, religious sisters, faithful and well wishers of this new mission parish. His Grace Archbishop also confirmed two candidates to Faith with the Sacrament of Confirmation. The Archbishop also blessed the Sacrament of Matrimony of Philips and Krupa Fernandes. After felicitating the priests who were present, Eucharistic adoration was held to mark the concluding the year of the Eucharist and procession was held to the new chapel which will be the school library. After that everyone participated in the agape and departed to their respective places. We, the parishioners of Siddhpur are grateful for all those who were present and of course we felt we were blessed.