Banaskantha Patan Deanery meeting

Banaskantha – Patan Deanery meeting was held on 23rd October 2018 at Umru-Siddhpur. The meeting started with small introduction by Fr. Xavier James and Fr. Isdoer Almeida led the meeting in prayer. The Dean, Fr. Xavier James after welcoming all present asked the fathers, sisters and brother to share about their ministry (pastoral, social and educational) in their respective missions.
Siddhpur Mission:
Fr. Xavier James from Sidhpur shared the following:
Pastoral: The parish has seven Catholic families who are regular for the Sunday and feast day masses. There is adoration for the people on every Sunday and also on first Fridays of every month with Mass. The parishioners come together for a fellowship meal every month and also every Sundays after the Mass. They plan pastoral activities well in advance. The parish priest visits the families every month.
Social: The priest visits families in the villages as a result a women’s cooperative society has been formed with 68 women. They also teach tailoring and beauty parlor and so on for village women.
Education: The school has 25 children. School teaches Christian values and conducts extracurricular activities. All the children know the preamble of constitution of India. Father said that it is very difficult to run the school but the Archdiocese supports.
Vadgam Mission:
Fr. Isidore Almeida from Vadgam mission shared about the pastoral works and social work. The parish has a few catholic families and recently Archbishop came for the visit and baptized few people and gave first Holy Communion to seven people also confirmed them. Father visits the families. The parish has catechism for all the hostel children. The faithful come for Divine Mercy rosary on every Friday. The parish multipurpose hall has been converted into church for better spiritual activities.
Social: The sisters run projects funded by Alboan and Missio. Some of the activities are tailoring and beauty parlor. The parish also runs more than 100 Self Help Groups in villages. The parish is also getting a project from the government. The mission supports the mentally challenged women in the villages. The mission runs a project in tribal area with the help of SSSS.
Education: Sisters from Bethany convent shared about their activities in the school. They are running English and Gujarati medium School. There are five hundred children in the school. They are conducting many activities in the school. The school is in rural area therefore English medium suffers but things are going on well. Every weekend the sisters go with the students to their house and visit the families. Ten sisters are working in the school and they also take tuition for hostel girls.
Palanpur Mission:
Sister Magi shared about the sister’s activities in the school and villages. Sisters run English and Gujarati Medium School. Many activities are conducted in the school. Sister Aruna is in-charge for the hostel girls as well as social work in the tribal villages. She runs Self Help Groups in some villages and two projects are funded by Alboan. Fr. Dominic is doing prison ministry.
Bro.Thomas MC shared about his experience in Palanpur mission. Two MC brothers are in Palanpur to start a new house for destitute. They are visiting the city and tribal villages.
Fr. Nelson D’souza shared about the spiritual activities in the parish and hostel. Fr. Julian raj shared his ministry in tribal villages.
Deesa Mission:
Fr. Shankar Dodiar shared about his ministry in the hostel in Deesa. There are 115 boys in the boarding. Fr. John Peter shared about his ministry in St. Xavier’s School. He said that the parish runs English medium till 9th and Gujarati medium till 12th. The school regularly conducts different activities for the development of the children. NSS and NCC programs are going on well in the school and the management spends more money for NSS. With the help of Nagarpalika, the school does different activities in the city such as, save water, save girl child, rallies and so on. The school also runs special study classes for the children who live in the neighbourhood and pays Rs.15,000 for the person who takes care of it. The school teaches value education and the children are given training in different fields such as sports and etc. Fr. Herold Pinto shared about parish activities. The parish has 14 families. Many of the families are from out of Deesa during the holiday. Therefore it is difficult to plan spiritual activities in the parish. Among them there are 5 catholic families in Tharadh and priest goes for mass every month. The parish also runs a women’s cooperative and the registration is in processes.
Sr. Meena shared about their ministry in school and town. At present the village work is not done since Sr. Antony Mary is sick but sisters visit families of boarding girls. There are 43 girls in the hostel. The sisters take tuition for the hostel girls especially for the weak girls and 10th standard children. The sisters also support in the church activities.
Thereafter planning for the pastoral year took place.
Plan for the coming year.
Fr. Julian Raj will organize retreat for youth in Palanpur for Palanpur denary.
Fr. Nelson is in charge for children’s programme in Archdiocese and he asked to send the details about the children in the parish and hostel.
Boarding Children’s meet at Vadgam.
Bible Quiz will be conducted by Fr. Harry from the Gospel according to Matthew.
Dates for program are 1st and 2nd of December 2018 (Saturday & Sunday).
The judges will be from outside.
Fr. Isidore Almeida and the Dean will finalize the games.
The expense will be divided among the parishes and sisters communities according to the children.
There will be only two prizes in every event i.e. First & Second prizes and nothing else.
Youth retreat and retreat for people will be at Palanpur.
Fr. Kanti Katara shared about his parish activities in Patan mission. The priests are very regular in their prayer life. They have 5-6 hours of adoration every day. They also pray for the diocese, nation and those who ask for prayers. They plan to visit non-Christian families. They took up Jericho prayers and brought the cross to Patan and prayed for one week then gave to Rajkot diocese.
Fr. Xavier James thanked all who were present and he concluded the meeting with a small prayer. All had supper together and went back to their respective mission stations.
Fr. Julian Raj.