Archdiocesan Youth Seminar

The Archdiocesan follow-up seminar for the Youth was held at the Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre, Pethapur, Gandhinagar on 24th and 25th January 2015. The youth were welcomed by Fr. Xavier James and soon after Fr. Das and Salvador led the youngsters to play a few games in order to get familiarized with each other. A talent show was then conducted in which several competitions were held and judged such as solo singing, group singing, solo dance and instrumental. Thereafter Fr. Louis Lopes who is a Charismatic preacher helped the youth to understand the Catholic faith and to receive inner healing from all bondages.

The following day Fr. Louis Lopes celebrated the Holy Eucharist with six other priests concelebrating along with him. The youth thoroughly enjoyed the Sunday Eucharist. Mr. Francis Canis who is the mentor in career guidance motivated the Youth to be prepared to excel in life. His Grace Archbishop Stanislaus Fernandes paid the youth a visit and requested them to share their experiences about the seminar to which some stood up and shared their views on how the seminar helped them in boosting their self confidence. The Archbishop distributed the prizes of the cultural competitions which were held the previous day and after the blessings from Archbishop, everyone had a delicious lunch and left for their respective homes.