Archdiocesan Spoken English Course 2017

Report on Spoken English Course 2017

The Archdiocesan summer spoken English camp was organized by the Archdiocese of Gandhinagar under the guidance of Fr Xavier James, from 31st of March to 25th of April 2017. 42 students from nine parishes arrived on 31st of March to grab this opportunity. The course commenced with the Eucharistic celebration presided over by His Grace Archbishop Thomas, Archbishop of Gandhinagar. It began by the lighting of the lamp. An entrance test was conducted on their arrival in order to give special attention to each student. Accordingly, we divided them into three groups. They were named after St. John Mary Vianney, St. Francis Xavier, and St. Ignatius of Loyola. The classes began with great zeal and enthusiasm. Fr. Xavier James, Fr. Dominic, Fr. Prabhu, Fr. Kingslin, Sr. Shaji, Bros. Roydan, Deepak, Lourdusamy, and Sughesh were the teaching staff.

Students had five input sessions that included English grammar, Faith formation classes, singing practice, creative classes and talent evening. In order to improve their English language, we focused on their handwriting, pronunciation, loud reading, and action songs. Moral education, faith formation, and personality development was given them in order to boost them to come up in their lives. Children were asked to speak only in English. First they were afraid of making mistakes, slowly they began conversing in broken English which gave them self-confidence to speak loudly even though they made mistakes. Students also took extra effort to learn the language.

Students were very happy with the stay and food. Delicious food, tea and snacks also were provided during the break. Nobody fell very ill during the camp. Whole day they were very busy and English was the medium of communication. Students later realized that they are able to speak correct English.

Students put up a cultural program on the last day. All their hard work was seen on the stage, very confidently and boldly they were able to act in skits, speak, and sing in English. At the end students felt satisfied with their performance. They were all thankful to the teaching staff and non-teaching staff. The camp was concluded by the final address of Archbishop where he expressed to the students the importance of English and encouraged them to go ahead in life.

On the day of St. Mark’s feast a thanksgiving Mass was celebrated, Archbishop gave a beautiful message to the children to become the evangelizer of Good News. After the breakfast children bid farewell to each other with tears and went back to their respective parishes, and their homes.

Bro. Roydan I. Patil